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The Orkhon Valley (at an altitude of 1350-2300 meters above sea level) is located on the northeast side of the Khangai range across the territory of Kharkhorin soum of Uvurkhangai province along the Orkhon River, as well as Ugiinuur, Ulzit, Khashaat, and Khotont soums of Arkhangai province. It is situated 360 km (224 miles) southwest from the present capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, approximately 100 km from the central point of Mongolia, and about 100 km from Shireet Tsagaan Lake, the place where the first foundation of the capital was laid.

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The Orkhon Valley is the cultural and historical cradle of the ancient states of the Mongol Empire including the Luut city of Hunnu Empire, Mumo city of the Rouran Khaganate, Kharbalgas Ruins of Uyghur, sacred tombs of Turkic kings and ancestors, as well as Kharkhorum city of Mongol Empire.

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11th Floor Dalai tower UNESCO street 1r khoroo Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.



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